Sunday, April 24, 2016

To Be Forced

PASTOR Ryu Jonghyun gave a very timely message amidst the things that are happening right now that causes our hearts to fear. In his sermon entitled "To Be Forced," he said that Christ always comes to our rescue to perform miracles in our times of need, even though the end result may not be exactly what we had in mind. 

So we need not fear. Instead, we need to move closer and closer to God so we can clearly hear Him speak. That's the only way to have peace that passes all understanding.

Our Filipino group also gave a special number from the oldest to the youngest member! 

Of course, it's the fourth Sabbath so we got to share our Curry Team's delicious food!

In the afternoon, we watched the Revelation episode for this month. Great revelations!

God is awesomeness!!!

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